ARA: Stars and Gangs is a story being worked on. It will feature the Pacistars and Star Gang, as well as all the hyper stars, and reveal some savory lore.


One day, the kirbies were doing their normal city trial stuff. The star gang then came to invade the city using a terrorist movement or something along those lines. White Kirby tried to arrest them when the star gang starts to attack the kirbys. The kirbys decide they are ready to fight. They get on their stars and start fighting the star gang. The rocket star says they are doing this to appease the Hydra. Rex Wheelie says “wait I thought we were appeasing the dragoon?” Rocket Star pushes Rex Wheelie into the volcano. All of a sudden, the pacistars come in. They say that the Hydra is wrong, and they should convert, saying the dragoon will save Edirria if the town is in need. The pacistars tell the kirbies about dragonism.

According to them, the dragoon created the universe and filled it with good things. The hydra created evil things in the universe. These two stars made the universe the way it is now. The pacistars say they are all the reincarnation of the dragoon, while the star gang are the reincarnation of the hydra.

The kirbys don’t believe any of this. The pacistars don’t watch city trial, because it’s too violent. There have been numerous times the dragoon has appeared in city trial. Famous moments include the time Yellow crashed the dragoon into the ufo, Purple swallowing a dragoon piece, Blue destroying the dragoon, and the time where all 3 boxes were on top of each other. The star gang tells the pacistars the hydra is good, and then the groups get into fighting. The flight warp star prays to the dragoon for good luck. Suddenly, HS01 appears, disrupting the fight between the two star groups. Purple Kirby waves hello to the “Hyper Patch” while the pacistars explain to the kirbys about how this is a hyper star. HS01 tells them to stop calling it a “hyper star”. HS02 and HS04 also appear to back up HS01. The hyper stars fight the pacistars and the kirbys. After like 5 minutes or so they realize the star gang is burning down the city. Since there’s no HS water HS01 calls over HS08 to try and see how to stop a fire. HS08, seeing the fire, burns down the city even more. White Kirby arrests the star gang and calls the fire department.

Now the star gang is in jail, except Rex Wheelie, who tried “burning down the water”. Since Turbo Star smuggled in his phone, he uses it to call Rex Wheelie. He tells Rex Wheelie to come to the prison and bring a gun, and free him and the star gang. Rex Wheelie comes in shouting “I HAVE A GUN”, while showing off his nerf gun. He unsuccessfully tries shooting the guards and gets arrested.

HS05 and HS06 then come bursting through the prison walls while in the middle of a fight. This allows the star gang to escape the prison. The star gang arrive at the city, which is good as new thanks to mysterious magic. They attack and burst the star pole. All the kirbys run around and take the stats. The pacistars are angry, as this violates the book of goon, which is basically dragonism’s version to the bible. This results in another fight. HS01, still there, asks the kirbys about this. The kirbies say these two dumb groups always fight about this one religion that has been proven false. Yellow Kirby has an idea, they can find the three pieces and prove the groups wrong. The piece manhunt begins. Green Kirby pulls up a guide on where the pieces will spawn. The kirbys split into groups of two, White and Green, Yellow and Blue, Red and Brown, and Purple and Pink. HS01 also tries to help find the pieces. Red and Brown go to the garden of the sky to find pieces. Yellow and Blue scold the two, saying you can’t find pieces up there. Purple and Pink skip over a box in a castle hall, giving an “all clear” for that area. Later, Green finds a dragoon piece, while White Kirby finds a hydra piece. This makes it so that the hunt is harder. While Brown says that’s enough proof, a reading of the book of goon proves the pacistars know the pieces exist.

After having found two dragoon and two hydra pieces, Purple Kirby has an idea. He says that they should combine all the pieces they found. He does this while Green says the book of goon says to not combine two dragoon and two hydra pieces or else. Purple proceeds to do this anyways. This creates a black hole that absorbs the two pieces that were in the castle hall. Yellow tells purple and pink that they gave an “all clear” for that area. This creates a fusion between the Dragoon and Hydra. HS01 greets HS11 as HS11 attacks the city. This gives the kirbys confirmation that they created a hyper star. HS01 says most hyper stars are mutated versions of regular stars, except the one who just becomes one randomly.

As HS11 attacks the city. The shadow star jumps off of the UFO. HS11 is not intimidated by this thing. Shadow Star tells Yellow Kirby that he needs to get 18 of each stat quickly, so Yellow rides the shadow star around. After a few minutes, the shadow star has 18 of each stat except charge. The shadow star finds a charge patch and then something happens.

The shadow star transforms into HS03 Darkness! All the kirbys are really confused. HS01 says “Remember how I said one becomes a hyper star randomly, it’s that one.” HS03 then goes to fight HS11. HS01 calls in backup, and all the hyper stars appear. Jet star is yelling at the kirbys for creating a fusion between the dragoon and the hydra, and says they have disrespected the book of goon. Blue Kirby then shows them a video of him destroying the dragoon while White Kirby had it, which disconfirms everything in the book of goon. Rocket Star yells “SEE I TOLD YOU IT WAS ALL FAKE”. The pacistars then decide on joining the kirbys, hyper stars, and star gang in fighting HS11.

The Hyper Stars defeat HS11. The Hyper Stars go back to doing their own things. The pacistars and star gang break up. The day is saved thanks to the kirbys. The end.


  • This was originally gonna be made sometime around december, then pushed to june, an then pushed further into April.
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