ARA Smash Bros is a Super Smash Bros game focusing on ARA. It isn't really a fake game that is really real but fake at the same time though. The episodes are animated versions of if the game were made by Poyo Ride.

Due to Poyo Ride leaving ARA, the fate of this series is unknown.

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  • In teasers, unlockable characters use the Super Smash Bros. Melee warning screen, while starters use the Super Smash Bros. Brawl one. However, Brown Kirby used the Super Smash Flash warning screen, which has a question mark in place of a character's silhouette, while GKAR Purple Kirby used the Super Smash Bros. for Wii U warning screen.
  • Zero's splash art once got CASed by a Discord bot named NotSoBot, which resulted in the birth of Ziro.
  • The filename for Red Kirby's challenger approaching image is titled "OH F%$% IT'S BLUE KIRBY!.png" as an intentional red herring to make people believe Blue Kirby would be the first character revealed.
    • Ironically, Blue Kirby doesn't even have a warning screen or splash art.
  • In contrast, some of the challenger approaching filenames give hints towards the identities of the characters. Green Kirby's splash art mentions her fan nickname "Sarada." Zero's teaser is named "0.png," giving away his name. Dedede's has "dede" appear in the name, Swerve Star's teaser filename doesn't even TRY hiding the character's identity, and HS08's is named "fire.png," referencing his codename of HS08 Fire.
  • A few characters, such as Yellow Kirby, have had their "official" ARA Smash artwork altered or replaced, due to how sloppy the old artwork was.
  • Miss Robot was intended to be playable, but was replaced.
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