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About ARA

This series is about Kirby Air Ride, and the misadventures of all the Kirbies

Where to start


Kirby (Species)

The Pacistars/The Star Gang

Featured Article


The current featured article is the Shadow Star.

The News


So I decided i'm kinda getting bored of this series, and have decided that I wanna move on and make something else, so I gave ARA to another person. Yay me.


The wiki's color has been changed. It's minor, but different.


Just added userboxes to the wiki.


Yeah, new series. I haven't invited anyone to this wiki yet, so if you found this before I release a link on discord and the old wiki, good job. The series is still in development so check back in a few days and it'll be hopefully a bit more complete. Also happy thanksgiving.

Poyo (talk) 02:15, November 25, 2016 (UTC)