Air Ride Bizarre Adventures: The Game is a cancelled game based off of Air Ride Adventures


Major Characters

Minor Characters



Butter Pineapple Canary

Yellow Kirby talks about himself. As his short speech ends, we see him walk to school on Monday. Waiting at the door for him is Rokit. Inside the school, Yellow Kirby looks around for his teacher. While trying to find her, Yellow warps to his house. He finds a basement door and goes in the basement. Some rats and flies are waiting for him there. However, he finds a mysterious portal. He is pulled into the portal and appears in Kirby 10's room. He finds a letter...but it's shredded. After fixing it, it talks about how there are multiple Stand users in the school. Kirby 10 tells Yellow to go to the library to read about the mysterious Stands and their users. Yellow learns that he can fly on the books and tries to do it quietly. Suddenly, and arrow flies by. It was the work of the Purple Archer! Yellow Kirby tries to dodge the arrows at first, hoping that it'll tire out the Purple Archer. Unfortunately, it doesn't. Then, he tries to reflect the arrows back at the Purple Archer. However, the arrows can turn on their own. As a golden arrow pierces a nerd named Spoonie that gives him the Stand called Information Realization. Using his Stand, Spoonie tells Yellow to find a way to stop Purple. Yellow figures out that he can stop time. Using this, he steals the Purple Archer's arrows and makes him defenseless. After the Purple Archer surrenders, he tells Yellow Kirby his real name: Boenaro. Yellow Kirby wants him to join the team. So he does. As they walk upstairs, they find a room that seems to be designed for them.

Teal Dolphin's Sea




  • This game was made in OHRRPGCE.
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