KSS Wheelie Bike

Wheelie Bike.

A bike is a type of star that has wheels or is a wheel. They are used in casual occasions most of the time, but they are sometimes used in races, usually by White Kirby or his friends. 


Bikes are typically wheelies with added flair on top to make them ridable. Wheelies have giant eyes and a surrounding tire to protect their internal organs. On the top, there is typically a seat and a bell along with a motor and other stuff.


Bikes either have wheels or are wheels. As such, this gives them terrible gliding capabilities. However, this lack of gliding is made up for with great offensive stats.



  • There are 5 bikes in Kirby Air Ride, yet only 3 are in Air Ride Adventures. This is because only 3 bikes are rideable in Kirby Air Ride without using the debug menu, debug spawner, or debug cheats.
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