"Good thing I brought this cannon."
      —Comic 2: Bulk Star Glitch

"Most events are usually only done by Yellow. We Kirbies have better things to do, like running into walls."
      —According to Yellow Kirby's page

Blue Kirby (real name Blue Ocean Drake) is a character in Air Ride Adventures.


Blue Kirby is a thief. He is usually going around taking everything in the City Trial match. This includes, pieces, patches, stars, buildings, UFOs, pillars, the music, the different colored sky during an event, etc.


Blue Kirby is a jerk, always taking patches, items, and pieces, which annoys all the other kirbies. However, he has a soft spot for the sea and it's life.

Relationships with other characters

Yellow Kirby

Yellow and Blue are rivals, as Blue is always taking Yellow's stuff. 

White Kirby

White Kirby treats Blue as a criminal.

Red Kirby

Red Kirby usually isn't attacked by Blue, as he is so strong, Blue's star just dies in one hit.

ARA Smash


ARA Smash artwork

Alongside Purple and TAC, Blue Kirby was confirmed on December 12, 2016. He alongside these two were the only characters to not have a teaser in the form of a challenger approaching or splash art.


Blue Kirby was originally a TARS character. The creation of TARS and by extension ARA, can be blamed on Blue Kirby. Blue Kirby managed to find a piece one day in a city trial match, and while Poyo thought the sound was an achievement, (In City Trial, the achievement ding only happens after the city portion) he later found out that Blue had the piece. This resulted in the creation of TARS. In TARS, Blue really only took pieces, and wasn't a full on thief, and was one of the main characters. However, when TARS ended, Blue was one of the lucky few Kirbies to return in ARA, with a slight change being he is now a thief and that he is even with the other kirbies in appearances.



  • His first name really is "Blue".
  • One of his very distant relatives is Blackbeard.
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