Brown Kirby is a character in Air Ride Adventures.


Brown Kirby is a kirby who is a brown color. He also has black wings.


Brown Kirby is an evil Kirby. He's usually trying to take over Edirria, but his plans are usually failures and they rarely work. 

ARA Smash

Brown is a starting character in ARA Smash Bros. Brown was revealed on December 17, 2016. He is the only character not to be shown as a siholuette in his teaser, and used the Super Smash Flash "CHALLENGER APPROACHING!" rather than the Super Smash Bros Brawl one.


Brown Kirby is one of the 7 palette swaps to be included in Kirby Air Ride for the regular Kirby.

Brown Kirby actually used to be Poyo Ride's Favorite Kirby in Kirby Air Ride. The title was then held by White Kirby because of the incident involving Blue Kirby taking that Hydra Piece.  Poyo Ride even considered Brown Kirby to be the main character, but decided on White Kirby because he was the Kirby he was playing as and White Kirby was in smash as well.

Brown Kirby,

Brown's original wings and cape artwork. While the cape art died off, the wings art was commonly used, even in 2016.

Brown Kirby was made as the villainous Kirby. He used to have a cape and wings, and old artwork of Brown displayed Winged and Caped Brown together. Brown lost his cape but still has his wings. For some reason, during comic 55-71, Brown had a ton of papercuts for no reason. This is why you don't put yourself in a pencil sharpener kids.

Brown was supposed to be on par with appearances with TARS's Purple and Pink Kirby. However he outshined them, appearing in a comic earlier than their first appearance. He also even outshined Green Kirby. He is also the third most used TARS Kirby in GKAR.

When TARS was cancelled, Brown was possibly going to die off as a character. However, he was brought back as a character for ARA, with Poyo deciding that over making him the Purple Kirby. Brown was one of the two Kirbys in Air Ride to return.





  • Brown is a returning character from The Air Ride Series. Blue Kirby is the only other Kirby in Air Ride to have this trait, but he was altered a little. Brown is basically the same.
  • Brown Kirby and White Kirby are the only kirbys in Air Ride Adventures who have a design that consists of more than a ball with arms and legs. In Brown's case, he has wings. He also has no color differences between his body and legs. Kidsy128 considers this a serious problem.
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