The Bulk Star is one of the stars in Kirby Air Ride and Air Ride Adventures.


The Bulk Star is infamous among all the kirbys for being one of the most average stars in history. While it does have good top speed, offense, and defense, it has to charge up to move, which everybody dislikes to various degrees. (Even Purple Kirby.)

In Air Ride Adventures, The Bulk Star has a stupidly average charge time. There has never been a reported time of a Bulk Star never moving for more than a day. It's been charging since the dawn of time. It often says "I'm average, trust me." One witness who has claimed to have seen the Bulk Star not moving said that it was glitched.




  • The Bulk Star was not featured on the ARA Returning Characters deviation on DeviantArt despite being very similar to his TARS personality. (This only applies to the old version.) This was because he was originally not intended to return in the series. This also applies to Purple Kirby.
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