Cheaptalk is a character in Air Ride Adventures. He's Yellow Kirby's cousin. He's yet to find out about this, though.


Cheaptalk has a green body with blue feet. He has blue eyes and an orange tongue. He usually wears orange glasses.


He is a jerk, even to his cousin. He usually calls people "lame" and "boring". If you are also a bully, he will call you cool and will be your friend. His favorite color is orange. His favorite food is also an orange.

Roles in Stories

The Mysterious Flying Machine (Story)

Cheaptalk had a rather minor role in this story. He insulted the aliens and their cafe. This caused the aliens to get angrier and prepare their battleships for a bigger battle.



  • He will not talk to Yellow Kirby as if he is his cousin.
  • On Wheelie Bike News, he was interviewed and said his favorite food was an orange.
  • His favorite theme park is Universal Studios Orlando.
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