COMIC 1! 11-25-16 313 PM
The High Boost
is the first ever comic for Air Ride Adventures. It focuses on the time Yellow Kirby got a very high boost stat on his Wagon Star.


Yellow Kirby manages to get a ton of boost patches on his wagon star. However, he runs right into a clump of negative Boost Patches.


  1. There is no period in the first panel.
  2. There is no capital letter in the fourth panel.


  • This comic was made a few days before Bulk Star Glitch and Stars Not Needed, despite being released on the same day. The decision ot release all three comics on one day was likely made in order to start the comic off in a strong way.
  • The amount of negative Boost Patches shown on the fourth panel can never be obtained normally. The reason they are all there is for kafka-style comedic purposes. 
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