The Pasta


I wasn't a kind of a person who all keep up whenever I find an old video game. Today though, I stumbled upon something that maybe wondered I should ever play games again.

It was a normal day, I'm just browsing through the internet, when an advertisement popped up, I usually don't offer these things but the offer took me in.

"special edition game cube! only 20 dollars!" But "game cube" was only one word, oddly enough. I began to wonder why the ad would disrespect in a name like that, but I simply clicked the ad. I was brought to the "Order Now" button. Black background. I clicked in and filled up my information in the boxes.

Four weeks later, I heard a knock in my door. It was a man with gray hair and surprisingly, no uniform. He handed me a red GameCube. It had no wires and wasn't in a box. I tried to ask him about it, but he just glanced, walking away slowly.

Luckily, I have spare cords just lying around. So I hooked the system up to my TV and turned it on.

Everything started normally with the GameCube intro, but I realized that I didn't have a game in the system. Probably not, I thought I would just come with one. So I put one in. The game is Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3.

At the main menu, there is only one option though. Story Mode. Curious, I saw through it and flashes of red attached the screen. I heard a voice saying:


If it wasn't a memory card plugged in, nothing that would bring this sort of respond for my game straight from the case!

I didn't know what to do, I was scared. I then saw my skater standing, holding his board. But the odd board feature didn't come until 3 games later. I tried to get on the board, but I couldn't. Eventually, a note appeared on the screen.


I walked through over the trail. Another note appeared.


Now, none of this made sense. WHO can see me? What does all this mean? The game must've heard me because another note appeared.

"Select Button."

"Developed for use onry with ntsc genesis system."

My name is Select Button.

The typo horrified me. I shut off the system and just walked away. This was too fucking creepy! I couldn't handle it!

I sat there on my couch, befuddled in horror, until I heard a knock in the door.

It was the man that gave me the GameCube. He said:

"Something must be simple. Isn't you yet? Who? I think it's you, of course. Better watch out."

And now I'm the ghost worker at the GameStop.

~Written by Select Button, the Japanese ghost of Edirria's GameStop

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