Dededio is a character in ARA, who is a wizard


I guess Meta Knight likes him a little bit, but he's kind of a nasty man to everyone.


  • White Kirby, duh
  • Everyone who isn't a WIZARD (So almost everybody!)
  • Himself?!?!?!? Whoa!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Powers and Abilities


ZA WHEELIE is DDDIO's stand. It has the ability to stop time and also look REALLY COOL. It compensates for DDDIO's lack of slick looks.


Oh yeah. He's got these too. Most of the time, he's blasting away opponents with fire and ice, but when pushed to the edge, DDDIO usually relies on his trusty spell: STREET SIGN SUMMON. This spell allows DDDIO to get his hands on a reliable melee weapon (the sign) at any time, making him a very tough opponent to battle, due to his fortitude at both long distance and close range.


  • DDDIO is based off a character in...I won't tell you which one, though. That's a secret.
  • He's gay.
  • His favorite food is pizza.
  • He was made by Makaice6.
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