A straight-up speed battle!
      —Description from Kirby Air Ride
Drag Race is a Stadium in Kirby Air Ride. You race in a mostly-straight line. It has 4 versions. 

Drag Race 1

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Drag Race 1 is the simplest of the courses. It is based off the underwater part of Checker Knights and it features a few Boost Panels. With a very fast star, you can win this race without a problem. Unless a Rocket Star nerd is involved. You're in trouble if they're there.

Drag Race 2

Drag Race 2 is a bit more complicated. It is based off the above-water section of Checker Knights. It starts off with a few Boost Panels before splitting off into two thin paths that turn back into one path, which turns into two rails. Finally, there are two ramps. You can unlock Brown Kirby in City Trial by completing this stadium with the Winged Star in less than 29 seconds.

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