—Dyna Blade

Dyna Blade is a character in Air Ride Adventures.


Dyna Blade spawns into the city to yell about various things. Her catchphrase is SQUAWK, which she always says obnoxiously, causing her to be hated by most of the kirbies. Dyna Blade has a hobby of trampling things.


Dyna Blade is usually very rude towards everyone, causing most creatures (primarily Kirbies) to dislike her.

ARA Smash

Dyna Blade 3D
Dyna Blade is an unlockable character in ARA Smash. She was revealed on December 23, 2016.



  • Dyna Blade is the reason why you're not allowed to prank call 911. Since Dyna Blade's area code is somehow 911, she will attack you on the phone if you prank call her.
  • Dyna Blade is going to be much less recurring than she was in TARS.
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