Final Destination (Endpoint in Japan) is a stage in every Smash game so far. and a stage in ARA Smash. It is always where Master Hand is faced. Each one has multiple backgrounds.

ARA Smash

Final Destination is an unlockable stage in ARA Smash.

Official Smash Games

Super Smash Bros

In SSB, it is only available in Single Player mode. The background changes depending on Master Hand's HP. The background starts out in space with stars visible, then changes into a cloudy area when HP is depleted to 210, then to a wormhole at 120 HP, and finally the wormhole drastically accelerates when HP is depleted to 30.

VS Mode

You can hack it into VS Mode. If Player 1 wins, the game shows the 1P results screen; if another player wins, the game displays the continue screen. Even among hacked stages, this is the only stage for which this occurs.

Super Smash Bros Melee

Final Destination is a flat, medium sized stage, very similar to it’s Smash 64 counterpart, but much larger. It features a single, octagonal solid platform, under which a black orb floats. While having no effect on gameplay, the background of the stage changes during matches; a full cycle lasts about 216 seconds. It has always been legal. It is the best stage for the Ice Climbers.
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