The Flight Warp Star is a a character in Air Ride Adventures, and a member of The Pacistars.


Flight Warp Star is the Pacistars' spy, helping in defeating The Star Gang by flying above the gang and spying on their plans.

Sometimes, she runs out of flying time and is caught by The Star Gang. She does come up with an excuse for anything and everything when this happens.

She believes in Dragonism. Strangely enough, she is the only one in The Pacistars to pray every day.


The Flight Warp Star is one of the stars in Kirby Air Ride. It has gliding capabilities that rival the Dragoon. It is not as fast as the Dragoon, however. It is only usable in the Free Run mode.



  • The Flight Warp Star was the champion of the first StaRace and the non-legendary winner for the second one. However, with a flying ban on the next one, the Flight Warp Star may not win next time.
  • The Flight Warp Star is the only member of The Pacistars without a Hyper Star counterpart.
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