Piniogir (A portmanteau of pinion and vængir) is one of the Hyper Stars. It was the second to be discovered by modern cephalothoraxes, and was given the name Hyper Star 02 Flight due to their insane gliding capabilities.


Once upon a time, Stars were perceived as strange creatures and were used for everything from food sources to national defense systems, and even sensational attractions. Many cephalothoraxes thought that they were the first civilized race on the exoplanet that was named Pop Star by outsiders, but the truth was that Stars had dominated the planet first.

Winged Stars are like most birds: they can fly, they like to eat seeds, and they evolved from dinosaurs. However, there is one major difference between the common Winged Star and a regular bird: Winged Stars can learn to speak and write English. Due to this, the story of HS02 Flight was considered to be a prank at first, but has been proven to be true due to video recordings of the Winged Stars.

One night, a town of various stars was very dark for more than just the night. Some stars tried to find sources of light, some stars liked did what they could during the night, and one Winged Star had the strange idea of both. You see, one Winged Star wanted to party, but could not find any nightclubs that were not clogged. This Winged Star did the most insane act possible: He decided to reproduce with a Lampyris noctiluca.

Later, nightclubs had to be closed due to The Star Gang using them as places to hide corpses. As the last nightclub was closed, something miraculous happened: the Lampyris gave birth to a Winged Star that produced light with beams on their wings! This removed the darkness from the town and allowed buildings that used solar power (which were almost every building except for the nightclubs) to work! Afterwards, everyone lived happily ever after in the town...Except for the Star Gang. They were the first people to be thrown in the jail due to the town's loose laws.


HS02 Flight has insane gliding capabilities. It can glide at any speed the Kirby needs it to, and glides forever. It is pretty bad offensively, and has medium defenses. It's defenses rise drastically in the air. It also has great HP.

Weight Patches are very harmful to this star, causing it to basically become functionally useless.


  • HS02 Flight originally had a vivid and dark blue stripe instead of a yellow one.


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