HS08 Fire is the eighth discovered Hyper Star.


HS08 is similar to the Swerve Star, as it can't turn without stopping. When moving, it has a fire trail behind it, and creates a fire shield around it when it stops. It can also spew fire at opponets.


HS08 is similar to the Swerve Star, except it has one orange eye with a red pupil. The rhombuses, instead of partially opening and emitting light, the rhombuses on HS08 can fully open and close and emit fireballs.

ARA Smash

HS08 is an unlockable character in ARA Smash. It was revealed on December 30, 2016.



  • HS08 is the least similar to it's regular star counterpart, as the Swerve Star cannot use fire unless the Kirby has the Fire ability.
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