HS01 Form

Hyper Stars are mysterious stars that sometimes appear.


The Hyper Stars are stars that have very similar appearances to previously existing stars, but have amazing stats and abilities.

The Hyper Stars are referred to by codenames, such as HS01.

List of Hyper Stars

  1. HS01 Form
  2. HS02 Flight
  3. HS03 Darkness
  4. HS04 Chines
  5. HS05 Boost
  6. HS06 Jet
  7. HS07 Ice
  8. HS08 Fire
  9. HS09 Trash
  10. HS10 Superjump
  11. HS11 Legendary


  • Poyo Ride planned to give each of the stars a "Real Name," but this never happened. He has also confirmed that the Hyper Stars are based off of the Ultra Beasts from Pokémon Sun & Moon.
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