—ARA Smash splash art

Kirby is a character in Air Ride Adventures.


Kirby is one of the various kirbies. Unlike other kirbies, he can only say "Poyo" and can act pretty childish at times. He usually eats a lot of things. Kirby went to the City Trial matches and started to like them, with them becoming his favorite hobby, even if he is getting chased by an angry Hydra-riding Yellow Kirby or getting his patches stolen by Blue Kirby.

Relationships with other characters

Green Kirby

Green considers Kirby to be cute.

Red Kirby

Red likes using Kirby as a punching bag, as he is knocked around easily.

Yellow Kirby

Yellow does not really care for Kirby. So, he runs over him.

ARA Smash

Kirby was confirmed for ARA Smash on December 19, 2016.



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