Nebula Belt
Nebula Belt 
is an unlockable track in Kirby Air Ride.

It is unlocked by running 100 total laps on any course.  It has no enemies, being the only course with this trait, even when enemies are turned on in the settings. Instead, it has four copy roulettes and three ramps. Like most courses, it has 2 laps with the default settings, though the lap count can be altered from 1-99 laps, as with every other course.

Missions involving this track

91 ~ Run 100 laps total on any course; (Prize: Nebula Belt) 

92 ~ Run 300 laps total on any course; (Prize: Alternate Song for Nebula Belt)

99 ~ Play in over 10 stadium modes (Prize: Single Race 9)

Nebula Belt is the only track that doesn't have any missions that need to be done on the course itself.


  • It is Poyo Ride's favorite Track.
  • This is often regarded as the best track for the Formula Star, due to the long and straight track.
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