Purple Kirby is a removed character in Air Ride Adventures.


Purple Kirby is one of the most famous Kirbies ever. She's basically a celebrity in Edirria Town. She plays in the city trial matches to boost her name. She has mobs around her daily. Despite being a celebrity, she's been involved with various crimes, such as driving Formula Stars way over the speed limit, robbery, etc. 

Relationships with other characters

White Kirby

White doesn't like Purple, due to all the times she breaks laws.

ARA Smash

Purple kirby
Purple Kirby was confirmed alongside Blue Kirby and TAC on December 12, 2016. She alongside these two were the first characters to not have a teaser in the form of a challenger approaching or splash art.


Fan Art


  • Purple was inspired by Aqua Kirby from The Adventures of Yellow Kirby.
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