Here is a list of characters that were removed from Air Ride Adventures.

Completely Cut

Professor Kukui

Kukui from Pokemon was originally going to be one of the only non air ride characters, being Edirria's professor, but was cut.

Dyna Blade's Mom

Dyna Blade's Mom was going to return from TARS, but was cut as Poyo wanted less characters.

Purple Kirby

The original Purple Kirby was the celebrity of Edirria. She also commited tons of crimes.

Offense Patch

He would have played a role as one of the main villains, but was scrapped.

Top Speed Patch

Would have had Glace Kirby's role.

Cut Personality

King Dedede

Dedede was originally going to be like his Kirby: Right Back At Ya! self, but this was cut from the series.

Red Kirby

Colored in I guess

Art for Hero Red.

Red Kirby was originally going to be a superhero.

White Kirby

White Kirby originally had a personality Poyo described as "Kinda like Guzma", but this was scrapped as Poyo didn't know how to describe it on the page.
White Kirby

white's art for his original personality

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