The Compact Star, one of various stars.

A Star is a vehicle used for transportation in Kirby Air Ride and Air Ride Adventures. 


All Stars each have different stats, which range from speed to offense and defense to gliding. They are used for the competition known as City Trial.

Some stars are living beings, such as the Shadow Star and the Rocket Star. However, with a declining number of stars available in City Trial, there are some artificially created stars that cannot speak and serve a similar purpose.

Two stars are known as the Legendary Air Ride Machines, which have three pieces that allow you to form the legendary star. These are the Dragoon, which has amazing gliding skills and the Hydra, which has stupidly broken offense. There also exists a type of star exclusive to ARA, known as a Hyper Star, a star similar to an original star, but with insane buffs.


  • Stars are officialy known as Air Ride Machines.
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