Terminology for the ARA Wiki.


Milking is the act of taking off a section from an article, then adding a letter, publishing, rinse and repeat until the section was back. It was an easy way to get badges. It got banned on December 17, 2016. Poyo did not ban it as it was a cheap and easy way to get badges, he banned it as on the history feature, there would be a huge wall of edits caused by this. This was used by Poyo Ride, and some pages, such as the Shadow Star have huge walls on them from this.

Adding a ton of unrelated images to an article somehow does count as milking. However, getting the bronze or brown crown by making a ton of random blog posts is not considered milking, and is allowed.



Grey Crown

Most edit tracks for badges have crowns. These are usually at the 250 edit mark. Any exception is listed after a semicolon. There are various crown badges.

List of Crowns

  • Classic Crown (Generic)
  • Pink Crown (Kirbys)
  • Green Crown (Stars)
  • Blue Crown (Characters)
  • Black Crown (Comics)
  • Yellow Crown (Patches)
  • Purple Crown  (Hyper Stars)
  • Light Blue Crown (Males)
  • White Crown (Females)
  • Red Crown (Events)
  • Anycolor Crown (Pacistars)
  • Dark Crown (Star Gang)
  • Evil Crown (Antagonists)
  • Mini Crown (Article Stubs)
  • Silver Crown (Pictures)
  • Bronze Crown (Categories;50)
  • Brown Crown (Blogs;10)
  • Diamond Crown (Daily Contribution Streak;365)
  • Orange Crown (Speed;100 edits within 1 hour)
  • Grey Crown (Speed;100 edits within 24 hours)
  • True Crown (Luck;Multiple of 1000)


This user's favorite Kirby in ARA is Blue Kirby.

Userboxes can be put on your userpage. A full list of userboxes are listed below

This user likes this Yellow artwork!
Bad yellow
: For those who like the poorly drawn yellow artwork.
  • Template:Any of the kirbys in Air Ride (such as Template:YellowKirby):For who your favorite air ride kirby is.
  • Template:Veteran-If you were on the TARS wiki or knew about TARS before ARA was created.
  • Template:One-If you are number one
  • Template:Male/FemaleUser-Your Gender

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