Banzai! (Ten thousand years!)
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Buraindo Samurai (AKA Blindeye) is a character from Air Ride Adventures.


He is very calm and contented. However, he has a tendency to kill people who do crimes. Oh...wait...That's his job. Also, he looks for ladies and tries to find out what they have done. But...he still tries to be nice when possible to his friends.


When he was a kid, he was happy with all his toys...But one day, he had his right eye torn out by water. Luckily, he survived. Also, his dad was arrested...But he was fine with it. The first girlfriend Blindeye ever had was a fan of pizza and ordered it a lot. This caused Blindeye's love of pizza. However, the first girlfriend died because a thief stole her heart...


He is a gray Kirby with a scratched right eyelid and a samurai's eye mark on his left eye. His katana is not too special.





  • He has a guide for ordering pizza.
  • He prefers anchovies on his pizza.
  • He hates pineapple pizza.
  • He loves Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.
  • He has a fetish for dragons, one of which was his girlfriend.
    • He once thought Mate Column was the ghost of his girlfriend. Column was disgusted and scared by this, as he barely even knew of Blindeye and thought he was dangerous.
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