The Mysterious Flying Machine is a short story made by Kidsy128. It was made on December 3rd, 2017.


It was a nice day in the city island of Edirria Town, and everyone was happy. The ice cream stand had a sale on the supernatural flavor. Yellow Kirby was getting ice cream for the rest of the Kirboys, and wondered why the supernatural ice cream was on sale. As it turned out, the ice cream stand's manager was claiming that he knew the future. Yellow Kirby believed this was a lie and got everyone's favorite flavors. Blue Kirby claimed that the manager could be right about the future. Green Kirby and the rest of the town doubted this. When they were finished with their ice cream, they went to the city island's golf club and noticed that something was odd with today's broadcast of Wheelie Bike News: the audio was distorted! This disturbed Yellow Kirby and Green Kirby, but Blue Kirby just let the broadcast continue. Yellow told Purple Archer about this, and he told Wheelie Bike about the distorted audio. Wheelie said that the audio could be an effect of aliens. Everyone was shocked, and went to their apartments on the island. When the aliens didn't attack for an hour, everyone believed they were safe. Everyone went back to their normal buisness. 

On the next day, a weird siren was heard. This was the warning. Suddenly, a mysterious flying machine appeared. People panicked and ran around the town...except for the ice cream stand's manager. He seemed suspicious. When the panic stopped, Wheelie Bike told everyone that there was actually a cafe in The UFO. This cafe made everyone accept the fact that there was an UFO above their heads. Then, an alien told everyone that they needed to stop for gas. However, the rest of the aliens seemed to be hostile to the Edirrians. The Shadow Star made a sarcastic remark about the aliens. However, the aliens noticed the Shadow Star and captured it. Cheaptalk called the cafe lame, which most other people agreed with. Then, the UFO revealed a huge gun and told everyone to remain friendly or else there would be a battle. Nobody listened. The UFO went back into space, and everyone was worried.

On the day after that, people were scared that there were possibly battleships in the sky. They were right. Everyone got ready for the battle. Then, the battleships came. Brown Kirby used the cannons to try and get them. However, he needed some help. Red Kirby soon went over to the cannons and boosted their power. This caused one of the ships to be destroyed. Blue Kirby thought that they weren't waterproof, so he used his water powers to try and hit the battleships. However, they were too far away, even if Blue summoned the water on the top of the tallest building. Then, he tried making bait for the aliens and creating a tsunami. Luckily, he knew that aliens loved coffee. However, Yellow Kirby had all the coffee on the island. Blue asked Yellow for some coffee. Yellow agreed to this, but only under the rule that it shall not be used for alien bait. However, this rule was broken. When the tsunami came, it affected some of the battleships, but only a small portion. Green Kirby threw some plants at the battleships, which caused one of them to go down. Then, the manager was reveaed to be an alien, and everyone thought they were hopeless. However, they still had one Kirby with immense power: Purple Archer. The archer shot arrows in the sky, which were boosted by the power of teamwork. This caused the rest of the ships to go down, and the day was saved.



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