The items are bouncing
The rubbery item mystery
is a story in ARA.


One day all the kirbys were running around City Trial in an 8 player match, collecting patches, killing each other, self-destructing with gordos, the usual. However, the event alarm goes off. The kirbys are not happy, the sky is turning pink, that can only mean one event, the dreaded RUBBERY ITEMS. All the kirbys are now shifting focus to taking each other out as the time passes.

It’s been a minute now, Blue Kirby was taken out by Purple Kirby, and the items are still bouncing. The kirbys aren’t really paying attention to the timer, trying to nab any sort of green box contents they can get. However, 2 minutes pass as the kirbys grow more suspicious. They don’t suspect anything as the timer still says 4:20 is left, which was about the same as when the bouncing started.

Green Kirby’s star is blown up thanks to a well placed time bomb. She is suspicious about these rubbery items and sets a timer for 7 minutes. After 7 minutes, while Red is punching his star and Purple is going out of bounds, Green checks her watch timer….. wait. Green realizes that her timer is BOUNCING WITH THE ITEMS. She goes to find a new star, and spots a winged star… WHICH IS BOUNCING. Yellow, who had his star blown up asks green why everything is bouncing, as you look around, the volcano is bouncing, the rocks are bouncing, the Lighthouse is bouncing, heck, even the ground is bouncing.

Meanwhile on the UFO, the all patch and all the other patches are bouncing. All Patch asks the shadow star if he knows where all the super glue is. Shadow Star says he wasted it all on him supergluing himself to the UFO. Then guess what… the UFO falls out of the sky and stars bouncing. In the city, all the patches fall off the ufo, and the shadow star falls off too, as Red proceeds to punch the UFO in half. The Shadow Star starts gliding and asks if the kirbys know why everything is bouncing. The kirbys have no clue, especially why they are not bouncing. Shadow glides away after Blue tries to get on him. All Patch is mad he is bouncing, and bounces into the river in the forest and drowns. After a few seconds, something appears.

HS03 DARKNESS. HS03 attacks the kirbys using devastating quick spins, which bust quite a few stars. Red tries fighting HS03 head on, but HS03 is in the air. Red uses the bouncing boxes to land a better hit, and does quite a bit of damage, but HS03 quick spins him away. Brown grabs a gordo and proceeds to defeat HS03.

After that weird battle, the kirbys proceed to head into town. Every building is bouncing for some reason. They find out TAC stole a button and made all the items bounce forever. The kirbys return everything to normal and beat up TAC.

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