Wheelie Bike News is the local news station of the Edirrian State. It is hosted by Wheelie Bike and Rex Wheelie in Edirria Town.


KSS Wheelie Bike
It was started by Wheelie Bike on April 28, 2016. It was relatively unpopular until it told some news about the blue meteor and how it affected places outside of the Edirrian State. When everyone heard about it, they were interested in what might happen in the future. Soon after this, Wheelie Bike accidentally said that there was a new grand prix starting in Edirria, though there wasn't one. However, NASCAR decided to plan one and started the Air Ride tradition again.

On the first day of 2017, Rex Wheelie got into the studio and reported the news while Wheelie Bike was at home. After Wheelie Bike realized this pulled in more views than the regular broadcasts, Wheelie Bike considered adding Rex Wheelie to the show. On the first day of April 2017, Rex Wheelie was officially added onto the show.


Wheelie Bike News is a possible shout out to The Air Ride Series, where Wheelie Bike News was featured in Comic 144.

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