White Kirby is a character in Air Ride Adventures.


White Kirby is a police officer. He usually tries to keep order in Edirria, and arrests everybody who is a law-breaker. His main rivals are Blue and Purple Kirby.

Relationships with other characters

Blue Kirby

White and Blue dislike each other due to Blue being a thief, and White Kirby disliking criminals.

Purple Kirby

Purple's stupidity goes against all laws of physics.

ARA Smash Bros

White KirbyARASmash
White Kirby is a starting playable character in ARA Smash Bros. White Kirby was revealed on December 6th, 2016. He was the third character to be revealed.




  • White was the only one of the 8 kirbies to be revealed after the first comic was made public.
  • White Kirby

    White's art for his original personality.

    White originally had a different personality. Poyo says that if he were to describe it, White was originally going to be similar to Guzma from Pokemon Sun and Moon. He actually almost had a page made, even having artwork, but Poyo had trouble describing White and decided to scrap the idea. 
  • White rivaling Blue and Purple Kirby is because Purple does various things that are against the law, and Blue is a theif.
  • On his December art, it says "Cappy Town" (in really tiny text) instead of Edirria.
  • Poyo Ride claims that due to his hat, White is the hardest character to draw in the series. Poyo may remove the hat someday. 

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