"Welcome! I'm Yellow Kirby. I'm a funball.
      —Yellow Kirby, Butter Pineapple Canary, Part 1

Yellow Kirby is a character in Air Ride Adventures.


Yellow Kirby is usually playing City Trial with the other 7 Kirbies. He is a silly little funball.

​Comic appearances

Relationships with other characters

Blue Kirby

Yellow Kirby and Blue Kirby are friendly rivals, and usually only team up if a Dragoon or Hydra is at stake.

Red Kirby

Yellow, like most kirbies, is jealous of Red's stupidly strong abilities.

Green Kirby

Yellow does care for Green. However, it is less than Blue Kirby's affection for her.


Yellow does not care for Kirby.

Purple Kirby

Yellow claims that Purple Kirby is the most overrated person of the century.

Dyna Blade

Dyna Blade hates Yellow Kirby. However, this is because she literally hates every last Kirby on the planet, though she seems to hate Yellow more, due to when she appears for event time in City Trial, Yellow Kirby is the only one who hits her in the head with a star, as Blue Kirby says, "Most events are usually only done by Yellow. We Kirbys have better things to do, like running into walls."

Shadow Star

The Shadow Star does not like Yellow. This is because Yellow, like every other Kirby, likes to ride the Shadow Star. The Shadow Star does not hate Yellow the most, as he agrees with Yellow that Blue is the worst, due to him preferring the Shadow Star to ride on. He seems to prefer Yellow, as Yellow might ditch him for a swerve star, and could get the pieces and get a new star.

ARA Smash

Yellow KirbyARASMASH
Yellow Kirby was revealed on December 4th, 2016, alongside the reveal of ARA Smash. He was the first character revealed for ARA Smash Bros.








Back in the TARS days, Poyo Ride said that if he were to change White's color, he would make him Yellow, as that was the most common color in most of the Kirby games, besides the regular pink.

TARS was then cancelled and a new main kirby for the successor had to be decided. Poyo Ride actually changed his mind, and wanted to go with Green Kirby as the main character. However, Green Kirby was already taken by Greenkirby121098. Yes, Yellow was taken for TAOYK, but TAOYK isn't usually active and is generally forgotten about, so Yellow was reused for ARA. 

RakeKuriTechi, the Rival Town (story)

The story starts with Yellow running around in the Golf Course. He then walks over to some non-Kirby creatures and asks them why they were there. “Freedom from a nearby area” was the answer. He then offered the non-Kirby creatures apartments in a building.


Yellow Kirby/Gallery


  • Like the main kirbys from TARS, GKAR, & TAOYK, Yellow had a color he was originally going to be. In his case, he was going to be Green. However, Poyo Ride switched to Yellow as GKAR's main character was also green. 
  • Yellow Kirby was based on White Kirby from TARS. Poyo Ride has said that if he could make that White another color, he would make him Yellow, due to Yellow's various appearances in Kirby games, being the most used color besides Pink. 
  • He loves pancakes. This was a hidden fact before. This is also why his birthday is February 13th.
  • Originally, before Kidsy128 had control of the series, Yellow Kirby was supposed to be in his 20's, but Kidsy128 changed his age to around 13. 
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