Ziro is a character in Air Ride Adventures.


Ziro is similar to Zero, but his eye is larger and he is a rhombus instead of a circle.


Ziro is Zero's rival. Ziro is always one step ahead of Zero, and sometimes makes Zero's plans fail.

Relationships with other characters


Ziro and Zero have been rivals ever since preschool. They fought over who got to play with the fire truck and have been rivals ever since.

ARA Smash


ARA Smash artwork

Ziro is a boss in ARA Smash. He spawns in the Drunk Zone stage. To unlock his stage, you have to unlock Zero and use him 50 times.




Ziro is the result of the command .magik that the discord bot Notsobot has. This basically CASes the picture. This is how Ziro came to be. 

  • The I in his name is actually a really stretched out E, looking like an I.
  • If you have notsobot on your discord server, take Zero's splash art and use magik two times to get ziro's splash art.
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